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As Sandra posts today, knitting can be such an elixir to the soul in troubled times and to Sandra's credit this difficult week for her has seen her produce a pair of socks and a gorgeous icelandic pullover!

What about troubled times when there just isn't time for knitting though? I "Imaginknit" - "knit" things in my head. My imaginknitting is portable and always "at hand" when a moment of opportunity presents itself be it trying or otherwise.

A recent imaginknit I "worked" on resulted from pulling out my copy of Interweave Knits Fall 2007 to photocopy the pattern for Tyrolean Stockings.

One of Eunny's first issues as editor it includes the wildly popular Brooklyn Tweed "Cobblestone" as well as Minimalist and Tangled Yoke Cardis. (I've made two out of those three patterns that together represent over 18,000 projects knit and queued. That magazine's a keeper!)

Among others I'll work someday (Snowflake socks, Hedgerow Coat, or Elfin Hat) the issue also contains a few patterns I can't abide. Don't get me started on the Luna Dress - why do the ribs run so far down below the bodice visually dividing the wearer's body into equal parts body and legs?

Placed Cable Aran" has always looked unflattering as well because the Chain Cable panels running down the front  neither relate to the sweater or compliment the human form within it. Beyond that the shoulder seems droop over like a dropped shoulder at a weird angle fighting with the linear vertical sides of the cable motif.

Flipping through the magazine for the first time in years I once again glanced at it but this time noticed the cables down the back where, if you addressed the drooping shoulder seam for a proper set in sleeve look they enhance the otherwise flat plain between the shoulders and give a bit of flattering drape. The wide, deep rib around the cuffs also jumped into view where I'd never noticed them before. Their shape and width nods to the rectangular outline of the placed cable edges. I was also struck by the open, light cowl collar and rolled hem softening that visual squareness.

After putting the magazine down and casting on the Tyroleans I started imaginknitting that sweater without the cable motifs on the front. (Another feature of imaginknitting - you can do it and knit in reality at the same time for twice the fun.)

Absent the cables on the front I bet the lovely soft collar can better frame the face and the figure of the wearer can take visual priority.  I also imaginknitted it a bit longer to ensure sleeves and hem don't line up across the bottom. (Turns out I had enough imaginary yarn to do it!)

'Quite satisfying imaginknitting an UNPlaced Cable Aran.  Interestingly as with all my imaginknits it worked up error free, smack dab on correct gauge with the recommended size needles and fits perfectly in every way! ;)

Such a wandering mind - no wonder I make mistakes in my real life knitting eh?

Thanks for dropping by!

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Lorraine said...

I think I kept that issue, but the only one I buy is Spin Off. Magazines are so expensive and with Ravelry, what can a magazine come up with that justifies the 10 bucks?

And paying over 50.00 for Rowan, people must have more money than sense.