Craft Night Report

The baking...Lemon Sugar Cookies (Martha Stewart) Crispy, sugar sparkly delicious with an unexpected "hit" of lemony tang. Yum!

The "show and tell"...One sock, one hat and the knitting. ('Didn't work a single stitch - too busy gabbing and moving around the room visiting but you need to have something to hold right?)

The "survey question" - asking the black belt knitters what size I should remake Deco. I modelled what I've got and their conclusion was 3 sizes up for 6 additional inches across the bust. I was only thinking 2 sizes up not considering the need for ease so I'm glad I asked! Their thought is the issue's with how the pattern's been  graded. Interesting to hear because there are comments amid the Ravelry patterns that it knits small, others haven't had a problem with it so it probably comes down to having success if you're lucky enough to have your shape work with the shape of the knit. They key is - Lyn this is for you - do not be mislead by the first sentence of the pattern beneath the top photo that says "to fit" bust..." don't assume that means, to get the fit pictured - complete with some ease on whatever your chosen bust measurement knit the following size. In fact the ladies instructed me last night to ignore that sentence and work out the gauge and inches that will yield at that bust point and choose what size sweater to knit based on that number. That's what they did for me. The other measurements on the schematic like sleeve and body length are easily altered where the bust is difficult to change while maintaining the Deco pattern and one piece construction. Now I'll rip and reknit with confidence knowing I didn't do something stupid that I might just repeat on a second try.

The "miracle"...'misplaced a needle a few weeks ago. At first I searched for it then resigned myself to the notion it was gone for good or would just reappear. Last night - the latter - while circumnavigating the room I sat down to talk to a relative newcomer to the group - someone with whom I've never had the chance to visit before. At one point she sat back in her chair, exclaimed in a way my husband often does when "finding" an errant needle in an upholstered piece of furniture and then she said "someone's lost a needle" (Beloved usually phrases the same thought with a bit more "emotion" ;) ) I instantly recognized it as my missing Aero straight from my mother's collection - I must have left it behind last month. I thanked her and the knitting gods that reunited needle and I and on we went with chatting. Once again my knitting life reassures me there is order in the universe.

So that's me done for Craft Group until the fall. They will be meeting again in June but I can't make it that evening. The baking contributions are coming in from many corners of late so I know they won't go "hungry" without my basket of goodies!

Thanks for dropping by today!


Acorn to Oak said...

Yay for craft groups, black belt knitters (I love that term!), and found needles! Sounds like a great evening. :-)

Needles said...

Karmic balancing? :)