Bouncing While Trying to Roll

When I have relative control of the various bits and chunks that make up the totality of my responsibilities it feels like managing a giant, cohesive ball rolling along. Its big and I have to pay attention to keep it under control but its under control.

Right now between Cottage, Garden, Number One Son's arrival home from school/imminent departure for a month away before starting his summer job, House, Laundry, Change of Seasons and my upcoming "launch" into springtime Dog Obedience Trials with Hudson it feels more like buckets of balls raining right down and bouncing out of control all around me.

Every day I manage to "grab" a couple but even as I do it seems another bucketful drops. Last evening they were still bouncing around in my brain after more than an hour of trying to organise three consecutive rows of correct knitting - without success! 'Time to set the project aside right?

I did. Problems solved this morning. More balls dropping as I type...'must be off!


Brendaknits said...

LOL! The picture of a woman juggling way too many balls - doesn't htat just describe a modern woman's life?

Sandra said...

SOunds like my life right now - picture a bucket of golf balls at a driving range. tipping over on a cart path, and rolling every which way. That's me. (and I've actually dropped a bucket on a cart path so the visual is pretty spot on...)SOme I chase, some I let go, but sometimes, I want to just sit and cry.

Acorn to Oak said...

That's a great way to put it...balls dropping and bouncing all around. I can totally relate. Seems like life has been like that for quite a while now. I could do with a few less bouncing balls sometimes. lol Good luck with all you have to do.