Will Wonders Never Cease!

 Yes ladies and gentlemen, that is a swatch!
A washed and blocked swatch!
A swatch that includes the stitches particular to the knit aaaaand perhaps fanciest of all... a swatch with three garter stitches amid the stockinette to denote the section worked on 3mm needles!(For future reference!)
I feel like a grown up knitter I do!

Now with stitch and row gauge nailed I can cast on with confidence. I must remember though that as invaluable as good swatching might be its not kryptonite. It won't protect the project from oversights or, as is commonly the case with me -  failing to pay attention.

Ah the beginnings of a sweater project - so blissful - especially with a swatch! 

1 comment:

Sandra said...

so THAT'S what a swatch looks like... I've heard of these things...
(kidding - I have actually swatched before... at some time in my life...)