We Had a Happy (Yummy!) Easter!

It may have been c-c-c-cold outside but the spring colours inside warmed our hearts and stomachs nonetheless!

Homemade Marzipan Eggs on Chocolate Truffle Cake

Even ingredients for things at this time of year look pretty!

Piping Hot Phyllo Spinach Pie

Creamy Warm Rice Pudding with Blood Oranges looking as good as it tasted in my late Mother In Law's China

Knitted "Bunny Nuggets" filled with Cat Nip - a hostess gift for my Sister's Kitties...

...they seemed to be "yummy" too!
Embroidered rather than  pom pom tails - didn't want them to get eaten in the catnip frenzy!

We are all super tired now!

'Hope you had a great weekend too!
Thanks for dropping by!


Acorn to Oak said...

Mmmmm....that rice pudding looks yummy! That's funny how he sleeps with his head hanging off the side of his bed. Our dog does that too!

Sandra said...

I had to enlarge the ingredients picture - it looked like easter grass and... ummm, other stuff!
The catnip bunnies are adorable - what a great hostess gift for cat owners. And everything else looks ridiculously yummy - and right before lunch, no less!

Needles said...

Oh my. Nothing I ever make will look this fine. my only goal is not to burn it.

Lorraine said...

mmmmm- marzipan!

Alli said...

Those Bunny Nuggets are so adorable! Think I'll have to knit some more my own kitty when we see her at my in-laws this summer!