"Pull Gaspard" by Christine Rouville FO

Pattern: "Pull Gaspard" by Christine Rouville
Source: Download from Christine Rouville Ravelry Store
Size: 24 months
Yarn: 4 Balls Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino
Source: Passionknit Toronto
Colour: 69 Lot:340027
Start:March 16 Finish: April 4, 2013
Modifications: None

I loved this pattern from the moment I saw it on Ravelry, and once the English version was released and I got my hands on it, the pattern itself did not disappoint! So many thoughtful little details on this clever knit. Like the little shirt tail openings at the side hem...

This little pullover is worked from the bottom of the front, up and over the shoulders, pausing briefly to work the adorable sailoresque collar, then down to the back hem...
I think the combination of garter and stockinette strikes a great balance of classic and and modern for boy or girl that suits a gift for someone of whom I have little knowledge and whose baby I have never (or likely will ever) see. I can imagine making this for a yet-to-be-born baby of unknown gender in grey or how about  the wee tiny infant size in white!

But getting back to this knit...sleeves are picked up from the shaped arm scythe and incorporate short rows at the tops of the sleeves (rarities in my experience of patterns for baby!)

Next you're on to the super fun front pocket where stitches are picked up from one side, across the bottom and then up the other side. After that you knit back and forth working the handsome mitered effect at the turns until its time to decrease up towards the neck for a 3 needle bind off at the collar.

The pattern thoughtfully incorporates a lot of picking up of stitches so that the only sewn finishing is joining the back collar to the sweater back and the short little side and underarm seams - quick and easy after blocking. Still it doesn't look as though its knit in one piece at all!

I did struggle with the double row of crochet edging that rims and joins for strength and stability the pocket and collar. It took many tries to get a neatish and almost consistent line along the bobbly edge where ever the decreases are worked. If I make this again I'll try moving the decreases in from the edge a stitch to avoid that problem.

Love this Debbie Bliss yarn for baby knits - great colours and a beautiful, soft, machine washable fabric! With the label attached...

 ...and a bit of pretty ribbon its ready to go! 

Thanks so much for dropping by!


Sandra said...

What a great baby sweater! So stylish and not at all "cutesy". Lovely job,

Steven said...

It's darling! Putting this on my list of things to make for future babies.

Acorn to Oak said...

What a unique and adorable sweater. It has so many great details. Very nice!