Pausing to Contemplate

'Worked away on Deco every chance I had over the weekend.

I've added an inch of length just below the armhole and now as I'm ready to break off and work the right front panel I'm contemplating whether to make all suggested decreases (4 stitches for 1/2") or omit some or all decreases to preserve width across the bust. I want to protect the wonderful straight "Deco" lines when the cardi is buttoned but I don't want to wreck the wonderful way the design brackets the sleeves and continues across the upper back.

I have to spend a bit of time with the pattern to understand the ramifications of doing anything other than written.  You'll be the first to know what I decide!

Thanks for dropping by!


Needles said...

You are going to love this sweater. Tove is one of my absolute favourite yarns. Madelinetosh, Malabrigo, etc, they are ok, but Tove sends my heart into high gear. Tove is a desert island yarn.

juicyknits said...

Yes, you need lots of thinking and counting if you go down the Mods road. :)