Keeping it Local

I have my camera back so wanted share details of my Frolic purchases now I can provide photo evidence...

Stoddart Family Farm Merino Mohair Worsted. Natural "Dark".  Three of these four hanks will handily yield Jared Flood's "Guernsey Wrap" but I bought a fourth because it was just too amazing not to. This yarn is organically raised less than an hour north east from our house. Its spun at a mill an hour or so north west of us using solar power to warm the wash water and citrus based soaps to clean the fleeces rather than sulphuric acid.

The fleeces come from the Stoddard's flock of Romney sheep (listed as "endangered" by Rare Breeds Canada). They live and graze exclusively on certified organic pasture. The mohair comes from Stoddard's neighbour's flock of angora mohair goats (listed as "vulnerable" by Rare Breeds Canada).

See what I mean about being amazing! Brown and Grey and Silver. Soft with a bit of a halo but still woolly!

I also picked up this little book by local Toronto knit designer Robin Melanson. When I waved it around at "Show and Tell" last night at Craft Group the woman I would say is easily the most accomplished knitter in the room spoke up said the book was, in her experience, not only full of great patterns but also a great resource for instructions on technique. I consider this very high praise coming from such an advanced knitter and it made feel extra great about buying the book.

Local sheep, local mill, local designer. Love it!


Acorn to Oak said...

That yarn looks so wonderfully soft. That's great that it's local as well as the designer of your new patterns. Enjoy!

Lorraine said...

Ooooh- local Romney sheep. Thanks for sharing.

Sandra said...

This was the first year that some Stoddart wool did not come home with me,a nd I miss it! It's lovely stuff, made better by the "local-ness" of it.

Steven said...

Be still my heart -- all that lovely grayness nestled amongst the greenness. Beautiful!