I am having such a nice time knitting away on Deco. After a wait of three years or so its hard to say how much of the enjoyment is just finally getting underway.

In 2010 when Kate Davies first published it I loved the details of its construction and the finer gauge woolly wool. I even decided to source the yarn from the British Blacker Designs woolen mill where Kate got hers.

Understanding the vernacular of yarn weights in Britain was at first a challenge then it became getting the same Olive colourway Kate had used.  I stalked the site watching for new batches of colour, found it, then the shipping price stopped me dead in my tracks. I set the whole idea aside.

Then my mom fell ill and if you've ever undertaken the care of someone you know the benefit of having something to chat about because you become the main source of social interaction for that person. Knitting was a great topic during that time and the search for yarn for Deco naturally fell out of it.

That year Mom didn't have the energy to even shop online for my birthday gift so she offered to buy the Deco yarn if I would source it. I bought the pattern right away which made her feel good but shortly thereafter her health declined and yarn shopping went on hold. In due course there was so much to do settling her estate that were it not for the presence of that pattern on my desk I may have dropped the idea  completely. As the anniversary of her death approached I found the Sandnesgarn Tove at Romni.

Bright Olive Colour? Check!
Wooliness? Check!
Sweater quantity in stock? 


They ordered a bag for me. The wait continued. The yarn arrived the last week of  December but I was in the midst of knitting an 8 item gift queue and then came Ptarmigan.

With Ptarmigan now around my neck the decks are cleared. Its Deco time and its living up to my expectations and proving itself worth the wait. A few hours worth of knitting has me past the waist band and onto a lovely experience of attending to bits of detail every few rows amid autopilot stocking stitch.

I'm impressed with how the usual ribbed waistband is expressed through the first (of many) applications of the "Deco Stitch" - columns of slipped knit stitches amid a reversed stocking stitch background.
The result is surprisingly lofty, dead flat and curl free - well  suited the bottom edge of this boxy cardigan.
Then stocking stitch background, edged with stair steps of the "Deco" treatment and side shaping begins. Very satisfying. 'Seems there is more to my happiness with this project than just getting started! I have to be careful though, things going well like this often triggers my "Stupid Error" reflex but for the moment its all good.

'Hope you have a good day!


Steven said...

That is going to be so, so lovely. What a wonderful spring-like shade of green. Aren't you glad you stuck with it?

Brendaknits said...

The ribbing you describe - would it be somewhat like the slipped stich heel flap on a sock?
I really like the retro dresses that the Kate Davies' models wear under the sweaters. Time to get out my sewing machine, I think.

Lorraine said...

I love that shade of green, it's so fresh and pretty.

Sometimes we need to have the right yarn for the right project. Tove is nice yarn, I have used it for stranded mittend.

PS If you go to Chapters and look in the sale rack, there is a book by Sue Blacker for 9.99 which is lovely- it's called "Pure Wool"