Au Revoir Penny!

It'll still be in circulation for a little while longer but as of today, no longer made. Its a bit sad but I think I can hear my wallet's sigh of relief from here!

Also a bit sad, failing to achieve my weekend goal of getting Ranger's disparate pieces onto one needle to begin shaping for the yoke.

The distances of this large men's sweater are deceiving me. Knitting my own more familiar size that goal would have been realistic but not so for this brute.

Oh the mind games a monogamous knitter must play balancing perception and expectation with reality...like responding to the child asking..."how long 'till we get there?".

('Reminds me of a trip to Floriade in the Netherlands My Beloved and I took with sightseeing route based on an Amex brochure for Dutch Bed and Breakfasts. Very familiar with the scale of Ontario maps we'd identify a destination in the morning and head off with a day's drive in mind but repeatedly finding ourselves, long before lunch, at the border (or the ocean!) having literally crossed the entire nation in less time than our familiar drive to the cottage back home and asking each other "We're here already?!)

Of course with knitting the smartest knitters know either how long it is going to take, or, not to ask themselves that question! For me, not clever enough not to ask I at least do know its too early to think about finishing. Better to focus on starting the yoke. I got up early this morning to work on it a bit so now there are only a dozen or so rounds on the last sleeve between "here" and "there".  I'll have a little mental happy dance when I finally "arrive" and hope that's enough to motivate me to plow onward.

I'll let you know how that goes!

Thanks for dropping by!


Brendaknits said...

We had exactly that same distance mic-perception when we were on Vancouver Island. 'Here already?'

Acorn to Oak said...

The US has talked about getting rid of the penny too. I just wonder how that will work when the total of a purchase would require pennies. I rarely purchase with actual cash but when I do it rarely comes out to an even five or ten on the cents. Hmmm?

Lorraine said...

When my husband's relatives would visit from Europe they would ask if they could drive to Vancouver for the afternoon.

Knitting always takes longer than we think it will- we live in hope.