Twined "Thank You" Mitts for Her FO

Pattern: Twined Knitting Mittens
Yarns: Berroco Ultra Alpaca, Berroco Vintage Dk
Colours: 6291 and 2194
Needles: 3mm
Start: December 16 Finish: December 29, 2012
Modifications: Mixed Worsted Yarn with DK and Wool/Alpaca with Acrylic/Wool/Nylon

My oh my I am just thrilled with these little wee tone on tone lovlies!

All caught up in selecting colours in the shop I made a mistake, purchased and started these with two different weights of yarn - a DK and a Worsted and two different fiber combinations (as above).  Too late to change things it but it all worked out in the end.

The pattern is also a mixture of a traditional stranded colour work "peek-a-boo" cuff with a twined design for the thumb and body of the mitt.

The halo of the alpaca along with the tonal variance of the colours yielded a soft, sweet, feminine result without the "edge" of a strongly contrasting, graphic version.

I'd also like to hope the combination of Alpaca in the one yarn with the synthetics in the other will help these  stretch to accommodate the wearer but not so far as to become sloppy.

Happy coincidences all.

They're worked on 60 stitches just like the men's large in Briggs and Little Regal. With finer yarn and needles the diminutive result are suited to the petite woman for whom they were stitched. 

All the gushing aside, 'have to admit I'm glad these are done and ready for mailing but I'm suitably impressed I'll likely revisit this concept again in the future.


Brendaknits said...

Lovely, Marie. I like the subtle colour changes. And as long as the laundry methods don't differ, the fibre mix will be fine. How does the saying go "Don't let perfect stand in the way of done'? Something like that.

Alli said...

Marie those mittens are BEAUTIFUL! I love the subtle colour changes and how interesting that you ended up with different weights of yarn! I'd love to experiment with this - thank you for the inspiration!

Acorn to Oak said...

Wonderful gifts and they're so pretty. I love the colors.