Twined Mittens #4

Pattern: Tvaandsstikning Mittens by Mari McKissock
Source: DKC Workshop Handout
Yarn: Diamond Galway Heather "Oatmeal" and "Heathered Navy"
Source: Passionknit Toronto
Needles: 3mm dpn's
Start: October 15, 2012 Finish: January 20, 2013
Modifications: Omitted Medallion Detail on Back on Hands/Used smaller Needle for Smaller Fit

Hey look! Deja vu all over again. This time twined cuff, no embellishments to the back of the hands.  Knit on slightly smaller needle for slightly smaller result. Softer pairing of heathered navy and oatmeal rather than pure navy blue and white.

Once again worked in my workhorse worsted Diamond Galway Heather. Price/wooliness/accessibility! All great!

If you're sick of seeing these as FO's around here imagine how exciting it is to make them over and over and over and over again!

The thing is though they are such a superior mitten the end justifies the means.

Case in point - this morning at 6:00 when Darling Daughter, Hudson and I headed out to run the wind chill was in the low minus 20 degrees celcius. The snow was blowing sideways. In her new twined mittens DD's hands were toasty even as her cheeks were freezing. My hands, matched my cheeks!

Evidence of how worthwhile these are to make aaaaaand that I have to may another pair for myself! Wahhhhhh!

I have to admit, 'saw this coming. The yarn's on hand...but I'm not casting on until the end of my knitting monogamy week with Ranger. ( I hope - remember that small project basket full of darning that was to keep me on task with Ranger? Seems watching coverage of the Obama inauguration took care of that!)

Fortunately I'm done with knitting Ranger's body so its time to redo the sleeves so I can join the whole works up and progress to the yoke. Sleeves are kind of like having a small knit right? That's what EZ says... it must be right!

Thanks for dropping by eh?


Brendaknits said...

I've been reading a biography of Leonard Cohen. He was such a perfectionist that it took a very long time to record his first album. When it was finally finished his friend said "It has the delicious quality of doneness." How apt for knitting!

Acorn to Oak said...

Very nice!