If my plan is to be spontaneous with knitting and frankly life in general this year, this past weekend put that assertion to the test!

As Darling Daughter and I headed out to walk Hudson Saturday morning I was looking forward to a weekend of painting the bedroom (My Beloved's away - easier to do it with only me to relocate for sleeping!) and working on Ranger...

So keen was I to get started I skipped the stretching after we got home (Truth be told I'd been skipping that part after every run all week) As I started emptying the room  I reached up to grab something prompting an already super tight knot in my shoulder to go into spasm.

No amount of stretching, kneading or even topical medication helped. I'm sufficiently familiar with this scenario to know - 'just have to wait until the spasm eases and the only way to get that to happen is to rest the affected area so it can relax. Applying heat helps a bit but only if applied while resting the limb.

So no paint prep, no painting, no knitting! A lovely red wine and the Scrabble Board were called into action though!

Sunday things were a bit better but not enough to knit. Then the kids and got our long overdue flu shot which made my other arm/shoulder ache.

Meanwhile Number One Son, on the strength of the very positive response he's getting at school to his Navy and White Twined Mittens put in a request for a headband like mine, prompting Darling Daughter to point out she's still waiting on her Twined mitts so she hoped I wasn't going to start a second item for him before her first item is done!

My goodness I am not used to having my knitting so popular around here!

A thorough and very painful stretch after yesterday morning's run yielded pain free shoulders/arms but Ranger stayed in the basket, Darling Daughter's mitts received some overdue attention and plans for the headband were hatched.

The bedroom remains as it was prior to My Beloved's departure.

No more spontaneously deciding to forgo stretching. I can see this "going where my whims take me" is going to be harder to embrace than I thought!

Thanks for dropping by!


Acorn to Oak said...

Glad your shoulder is feeling better. It can be frustrating when something like that pops up and changes all your plans. Sounds like you made the best of it though. How exciting that your knitting has become so popular! :-)

Brendaknits said...

Red wine & Scrabble on a Saturday morning!! How great is that ?

Sandra said...

A positive reaction to knitting can be a double edged sword... My husband has finally agreed to a hand knit sweater - we hashed out the details over the weekend. If he likes it, it could mean he wants more, which could be bad, but is good...