Craft Group Tonight!

Lots of knitters belong to "Stitch and Bitch" groups.

The group I'm in is more "Gather and Gush".

This group's varied, prodigious and inspired show and tell cause all manner of well deserved gushing.

The bar is high with these ladies! So this month I thought I'd up my game with the evening's sweet treat. Rather than my usual cookies I decided on a Cranberry Filled Braid.

...lovely colours of the sweet-tart filling - post chop/pre cook (Granny Smith and Orange (both with skins on) and Cranberries too!

Then the magic of working with yeast!

...the yielding rebound of risen dough under the pin.

...pretty pinched edges

...braid 'em all up

...a final rise, 20 minutes in the oven, a bit of drizzle and...

Ta Da!

Oh come on, you might say, how bad can my knitting show and tell be? Well first of all, I realized this morning looking at my Ravelry page, 7 of my last 8 FO's have been gifted away over the two months since our group last gathered.

Leaving me with recent knitting monogamy's yield of a correct and gauge-accurate/ladder-free partial sleeve. Riveting!

Thank goodness a bit of yeast and a couple of hours can fill my basket with something a little more exciting!

Thanks for dropping by today!


Lara said...

Oh man, do I ever wish that I was there to have a taste. Looks fantastic! ... as do all of your baked goods. :) Hope that it was fun.

Acorn to Oak said...

Your cranberry braid is beautiful and sounds delicious. Is that a lamp shaped like a beehive next to your knitting?