Progress On the Mitts

I think I've worked out a formula for the Thank You Mitts.

'Started the decreases later and began on front and back on two outside rows before commencing decreases on the side closest to the "trigger finger".

Once left with 8 stitches (16 total) I added one row straight and plan to graft the fingertip to yield a wee bit of width at the top of the fingers.

While all of it's fresh in my mind I've cast on for the second mitt planning to do thumbs and grafting on both mitts at the same time.

My chocolate "event" yesterday ended well with a successful arrival in one piece at the party but not before some dicey moments after pre cutting when the weight of all that ganache began to pull the slices outwards like a giant Terry's Chocolate Orange.

My solution was an organza ribbon around the whole works held in place by a tooth pick disguised with mint leaves.

Next came a call to my Beloved begging him to come home promptly so I could drive his automatic vehicle rather than my much jerkier, rougher riding standard. I worried the ribbon might not be up to start and stop rush hour traffic across the city.

Disaster averted! Cake delivered and I even got to bring home some leftovers for the guy who lent me his car!

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Mary said...

I hope there are pictures of this cake, especially after hearing all the details of the chocolate being splashed everywhere!!