Missives from the "Front"

Christmas "hustle bustle" or full on "battle" with a To Do list? Right now it feels like the latter.

I seem to be winning but only after launching a full frontal assault on the thing with two extra battalions (Darling Daughter and My Beloved) providing extra fire power over the weekend.

There has been a bit of entertaining and a lot of socializing and "...this is the last time we'll meet before Christmas so we'll do something special..." kind of stuff. (there has been no tree-buying and precious little decorating)

As for Christmas itself we're hosting the 18 in laws for dinner Boxing Day and late last week our Christmas Day unexpectedly grew from 4 to 9 around the table.

Darling Daughter came back from her vacation with a broken arm (slipped on the pool deck!) That created both a flurry of activity upon her arrival and subsequently has meant her assistance, although keen, is limited.

The worst "fighting", however, has been with the "Thank You" mitts. I could have knit the guy a sweater in the time I've had to dedicate to those things only just finishing them on Saturday a month after starting them! My efforts guessing at appropriate sizing while combining two patterns has demanded a lot of ripping and re-knitting. Twined knitting means twined ripping...uuuuuuugly!

But at last now the work on the 60 stitch dk version for his wife has begun. Actually I misspeak because I mis-bought mis-matched yarns (one is a dk weight, the other is worsted) And that's not it either - I thought both were 50/50 Wool and Alpaca...nope, one is Acrylic??? Wool and Nylon!!?

Oh well, too bad, too late...gonna just have to make it work!

Like I said, 'feels like a bit of a battle.


Brendaknits said...

I knew that store should have shelved the yarn according to gauge.

Acorn to Oak said...

I feel a bit like I'm in battle mode too. We just got the tree up this weekend but all it has on it so far are lights. I haven't even started on Christmas cards. I'm trying oh so hard to stay focused and not feel overwhelmed.