Who Did The Knitting?

Is anyone else as much in love with the knits in this ad as I am?

When I first saw it on TV I expected to see references to it somewhere in my wool-centric "travels" across the digital knit world but I haven't run across a single reference to it.

The men's pullovers on the boat are the best but the cardi on the mom paired with that cowl is also pretty awesome and what about the way those kids are just wrapped up in great pieces too!

Aren't the colours they've used and the way they combine them amazing? How about the acid yellow/green garter hat on the little girl in the opening paired with the lacy yoked but still bulky golden cardigan!

I wish I could watch it frame by frame. I'm sure its possible ...I'll have to check with Darling Daughter - my technical adviser on that!

To all my American friends - I sure hope you're voting today - it seems like there's an awful lot on the line this time around!

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Brendaknits said...

That is a great display of knits. I have often noted that any film referencing the East Coast seems always to feature great knits. Must be the climate, I think.