What's Up?

Men UP the huge maple in our back yard today!

 The amount of "Woolly Wool" yarn in my collection is UP.
2 Skeins Briggs and Little Royale - "Spruce" colourway to become work mittens

7 Balls Galway Heathered Worsted to become "Tinder"

8 Balls Galway Heathered Worsted to become "Ranger"
   Time is waaaaay past UP on the last grooming Hudson received. (To be remedied today!)

The number of FO's on my Ravelry page is UP (Blocking in progress - FO post tomorrow!)

'Hope you had a good weekend! Thanks for Dropping By!


Brendaknits said...

Hope you are not losing that great tree. It will take a long time for the next one to grow UP.

LynS said...

What an impressive haul of woolly yarns - love them. I've not had access to the internet for the last month or so (China is a different world in so many ways) but wanted to say how much I enjoyed the way you've used the yarn I sent. I feel honoured that you've knitted it up with reference to EZ!