Special Week

This is a big week for the woman in the fabulous crocheted sweater at the top of this photo. Last week was a big week for the members if the monthly craft group I am fortunate to attend.
This week the woman pictured above is getting married and as she stands with her back to the assembled guests at her ceremony in Florida this amazing creation will hang from the back of her Bridal Sari. 
Last week our craft group had the privilege of helping complete this amazing secret wedding project.

The project started out last spring with the Bride to Be sourcing first an ornate red and gold Indian Silk Sari then selecting silk yarn from two Indi dyers to get the weight and consistency of the thread and the colours just exactly right both on their own,together and with the Sari. There really is no eye more exacting than that of a determined bride!

I believe the Bride to Be then worked the framework motifs herself asking family and friends to make motifs that float within the centre of the piece.

Each motif, made by someone special to the Bride, represents an aspect of the two families, the heritage of the bride or groom or a detail of their relationship.

The artfully arranged elements were basted into position on a table cloth and rolled for careful transport. (BTW the colours in these photos are all waaaay too orange! I tried to adjust the setting in the camera to better represent the crimson colour but the brown of the table cloth was too visually bossy to overcome.)

The hands you see belong to the members of the monthly craft group in which I am somehow lucky enough to be included!

Using a blanket stitch they are connecting the pieces together before the whole thing was to be removed from the table cloth then affixed to a piece of tulle for stability and then finally to the sari.

With the sari the bride will wear a stunning custom made blouse wrought in gold silk brocade. There is also a custom made evening dress in Chinese Silk, again in red and gold for the reception when the sari will be displayed on a form for one and all to see and admire up close. (Yes she had the other pieces with her that evening. No I did not think to take pictures. Yes I am an idiot!)

When the Bride to Be outlined her plans at the craft group last spring she had nothing more than a concept and some sample yarns. I worried the whole plan would never be done in time but just look at the results!  As she unrolled the cloth out onto the table last week everyone gasped. My heart was pounding.

What a magnificant way for a passionate artist from a family of talented crocheters to present herself at this most important day in her life!

What an honour to have been in on this closely guarded wedding secret from almost its conception to its completion!

What a blast to be able to meet with these remarkable and talented women each month!

All the best this week Lara! We cannot wait to see the pictures!


Brendaknits said...

OMG!! I am speechless! Almost speechless. Can you imagine how many fewer marriages would end in divorce if all brides invested this much time, effort, thought and love into preparing their wedding gown? It is stunning.

Mary said...

Photos turned out quite nice after all! Ahhh, so excited about her wedding and this special project! And am so honoured to have been included in it!

Sandra said...

Wow! Just... wow. That is beyond amazing, both in scope of workmanship, and in the fortitude to undertake such a project. That is amazing, and I wish the bride to be much happiness.

Anonymous said...

That entire project is beyond my imagination.
I hope she will have a way to use the lace again somehow, so it doesn't just sit in a trunk.
Lisa R-R

Lara said...

Marie, your words are so special, they brought at tear to my eye. Thank you. I think the photos are fabulous. Can't wait to be more organized with event photos in order to share. Much love,Lara