Knitting for My Man?

Its a thorny question!

I've got me a typical adult male sweater wearer - isn't big on colour,  comfort and great fit are paramount, he can't abide waiting for something to be finished and frankly, at over 6'1" he's large.

So knitting garments for him generally means drab, finicky, pressure filled and loooong knitting projects. Rather uninspiring.

My projects page on Ravelry demonstrates how I've dealt with this...the vast majority of my knits are for myself;  a lover of colour, willing to put up with a slightly itchy neck for the sake of wearing an FO and in all honesty, I work out to allow me to fit into smaller (aka faster/cheaper) knits!

I'm starting,however, to tire of watching My Beloved walk around in fleece and cotton all winter. Aaaand, like me, the dog walking is having an effect on his waistline too so that undertaking a sweater for him is starting to seem more manageable/less painful

Enter "Ranger".

Very similar in shape and detail to a sweatshirt/jacket, made from some unnatural fiber, that My Beloved wears a lot, Ranger is fairly short and close to the body so it shouldn't be like knitting a cover for a football field and its worked in Worsted weight, knit bottom up with seamless raglan construction and sleeves knit in the round. It all sounds pretty manageable and with the right yarn, maybe even entertaining?

So over the weekend I took the plunge. I needed the pattern for "Tinder" as I've already purchased the yarn for it so I thought while I was at it I may as well order "Ranger" as well.

So now I'm committed - so much so, on my way home mid afternoon I happened to drive past my LYS where there was a parking spot right in front of the store so I had a wee spin through the shop to get some yarn ideas. I'm starting to feel almost excited at the prospect. I should probably try to temper that ASAP. Better to be pleasantly surprised than bitterly disappointed for 1500 odd meters of knitting right?


Mary said...

What a funny coincidence... I've been bugging my partner to let me knit him a sweater or vest - a vest actually, since I don't really want to commit to as much! And plus... sweater curse! Anyway, due to some possible changes to wardrobe needs, when I brought it up at Sunday dinner, he surprised me with, "Send me some pictures and I'll decide!" Back to your beloved... the Ranger is a wonderful, classic and super-wearable choice! Has he OK'd it?

Lorraine said...

It's the best time of year to start a larger project, and incentive to get it completed before Christmas.

Sandra said...

We are married to the same man! same likes/dislikes and about the same size. Ranger just might work for mine - he is not a lover of pullovers.