Eye Candy Friday

If cream wool kilt hose aren't the best kind of Knitter's Blog Eye Candy I can' imagine what is.

These are not my creations. They are a collaborative effort between an inspired knitter/master crochet artist and a gifted and exacting knitter. My Number One Son is the lucky, lucky recipient but until he has the kilt to go with them I will be the careful custodian/guardian and I will probably always insist on remaining the one to launder them!

They are knit in Austermann Step Classic with ribbed rather than shaped construction and surprisingly (to me) the same number of stitches on the cuff as down the leg!

Look at all those little cable crosses!

 Have a great weekend! Thanks for dropping by!



Acorn to Oak said...

Those socks are amaaaaazing! Wow! He's so lucky! This truly is an eye candy post! Thanks for sharing! Have a wonderful weekend!

Bibi said...


Sandra said...

Those are stunning! And I have two kilts - I'd be happy to um, you know, keep them for you...
(One is a plain black curling kilt, one is a custom made kilt in the Hunting Douglas tartan. My Nanny was May Douglas, and I love this tartan.)

Brendaknits said...

They are beautiful. Does your #1 son play bag pipes? Or is there some other reason young men wear kilts and kilt hose these days?

Anonymous said...

Very complicated indeed.
Glad you found the right people to put them together.
congratulations! Lisa R-R