Amy Singer Presentation Redux

After my little rant yesterday I wanted to say...

Amy Singer's presentation last night was awesome.

She is a witty speaker with a great presentation and lots of time in which to give the talk but also take quite a few questions!

Bonus points to the DKC Executive!

They kept the opening comments speeding right along so there was lots of time to enjoy the main presentation!

Amy told us she first announced her intention to start up Knitty at a DKC meeting in 2002. At the outset of her presentation last night she asked "how many of you here tonight were present at that meeting?".  How fun it was to see the hands shoot up!

One surprising comment she made was that despite the vast numbers of knitters using the site, more knitters have never, heard of Knitty than know what it is! Hard to believe eh?

Because Amy was speaking I thought it would be appropriate to wear my Beatnik from Knitty Deep Fall 2010  in Show and Tell.

As I stood on stage with the other Show and Tellers I realized there was no interesting story around this knit. I knit it without modification using the recommended yarn in the sample colourway. (Yawn!) I was only wearing it because Amy was there but I couldn't stand up and say that! As the others were called to the mic and spoke about their creations my mind raced to come up with something...anything to say about it! Then my name was called. I walked to the front of the stage and with stunning wit announced to the room of 100 or so assembled knitters that I there really was nothing to say about this sweater other than...

I knit it.

Yup. That's what I said.

Dead. Silence.

...for but a split second and then an eruption of laughter. The painfully obvious struck them as funny! Phew! I went to race off stage before the laughter could subside but someone from the audience called out...

"Tell us about the yarn! The pattern!"

Oh right! (duh!)

I recited the project stats that by some miracle I was able to remember off the top of my head and again headed off stage but stopped as Amy herself called out...

"Why don't you jump in the air like the Beatnik model on the Knitty pattern page! Of course I accommodated that request.

What a ham I am!

Again I tried to bolt.

Now the Guild President at the mic asked if I knit a gauge swatch?

"Of course I swatched!" I indignantly cried at the suggestion I might have skipped such an indispensible step!

What a liar I was!

Oh well, all in good fun. Thank you DKC for a great knitterly evening!

Thank you for dropping by!