University Socks FO

Pattern: (63 stitch) Socks 101 by Kate Atherly
Source: Knitty.com
Yarn: Sheldridge Farm Soft Touch Fingering
Colour: Cornflower
Needles: 3mm dpns
Start: October 13 Finish October 17, 2012
As requested by Number One Son himself (modeled by yours truly)- wool socks! I couldn't believe it when he called just to say "Mom if you want to, you can make me some wool socks". 'Seems the heating systems at University aren't quite up to what he's used to! Whatever, I'm just happy to have a chance to convert him from wearing those hateful gym socks day in and day out!

I try to roast a Pie Pumpkin at the start of each week in October - keeping the mashed pulp in the fridge to cook with throughout the month. I made a double batch of Pumpkin Date muffins today. I'l take a dozen down to him with the socks.

His residence is close to the location of the Downtown Knit Collective meetings at Innes College, University of Toronto. I'll be down there tonight for the October meeting so I may as well dash over to his room after the meeting and drop off the goodies.

BTW the meeting tonight is supposed to be kind of a mass workshop. We're encouraged to bring along shawls (who doesn't have a stack of those these days?) and scarves so we can learn how to put the beautiful things we create to best advantage on our bodies and with our clothes.

Hey I'd better go pack some shawls into my bag too - look at the bottom of the program description!

Spectacle of Shawls – Farooq Ikram (Textile Museum, Toronto)

Farooq Ikram is a textile artist who holds degrees in Textile Design from the National College of Arts in Lahore, Pakistan and Fashion Design Pattern Making from the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, NY. He creates one-of-a kind fashion accessories and scarves using non representational forms with varied and vivid colour palettes. His designs are hand rolled and executed on high quality silk, giving a beautiful finish to his line. The accessories are not just functional pieces of fabric, but wearable art. He has worked as an Associate Professor at the National College of Arts and is now employed at the Textile Museum in Toronto. He continues to create and sell his line of one-of-a-kind, hand-painted fashion accessories throughout Canada and the United States.
Audience members are encouraged to bring knitted shawls with them to the meeting, and let Farooq help you display the beauty of the work of your hands. Farooq also encourages everyone to bring fabric shawls and scarves as well– he likes combining colours and textures in his demonstrations.
Maybe I'll see you there! Thanks for dropping by!


Bibi said...

very interresing program!wonderfull socks!

Sandra said...

wish I could go - I have so many shawls that I love, and I look dorky in just about all of them!
And just a comment from someone who lived in residence, and had her parents surprise her once - call first. give him at least 10 minutes. please.