"Simple" Summer Square III

The idea behind knitting squares over the summer was in part to keep things simple.

Some simple things also naturally lend themselves to being made more complicated for the entertainment purposes of the knitter. As EZ puts it with regards to this otherwise "...very plain, beautiful, simple shawl..."
"Now you are only human, and early in the shawl those areas of plain knitting between the increases will begin to appear somewhat bland and you will start thinking of embellishments." 
"Being only human", I have considered and tried embellishments; repeatedly casting on, knitting and then ripping back until I found and planned a lovely linear one that nicely suits the squareness of the shawl  but still I'm torn between "embellished" and "very plain, beautiful, simple".

Much of the fuss of wanting to get this just right is the fact this project is using the yarn that Lyn kindly sent me all the way from Australia a couple of summers ago. (Her winters, my summers!)

I have consulted very experienced knitters about how best to use this yarn and the universal opinion is a shawl both because of the yarn itself and the fact a shawl will let me knit until the lovely cake is all used up.

What to do? What to do? I am at the moment of truth? Lyn! If you're reading this, what do you think?


LynS said...

Anything inspired by EZ will be wonderful. I think I'd probably choose a 'simple embellishment' to personalise the square, but this is now your yarn and your project. Now, of course, I want to see the outcome!

Brendaknits said...

I think EZ never met some of the humans I know. Hee Hee. I imagine you will have something well thought out and beautiful. Can't wait to see it.