Wisp Scarf FO

Colour: #19 (Discontinued)
Size: Smaller version (17 repeats of pattern until yarn ran out)
Needle: 5mm Bamboo Circular
Start: January 15 Finish: February 5, 2012
Modifcations: Omitted Button Holes and Buttons

I don't remember knitting this scarf. I remember after casting on, taking it to a craft group meeting where there's a good chance I just sat there with it in my hands while I talked and never knit a stitch That's about it for memories on this one beyond remembering vividly the first time I saw the pattern on Knitty I utterly hated it based on the modeled photos with the pattern.

I don't know how I came around to deciding to knit it but I was pleasantly surprised to find it in the pile of un-posted FO's the other day. 'Feels more like a gift than something I made

Ravelry tells me I started this a couple of weeks after Mom's funeral so I must have found it a soothing, mindless thing to work on. As the above photo shows it has an easy self-evident pattern repeat and the light majority-mohair yarn has good body to it with a surprisingly soft feel. The photo above says it all.

  • A nice "gift" from me to me! I like it.
  • I like the colour - evocative of spring to which the size of the scarf is well suited.
  • It seems to have blocked out quite nicely.
  • The single ball of yarn was from a DKC yarn giveaway so the price was right! That also explains why there's no reference for this colourway on line. Its discontinued.
  • I've never worn this scarf except to take pictures of it the other day but I bet it'll be surprisingly warm and I'll get lots  of springtime wear out of it!

Okay enough of this disturbingly recall-free post! Tomorrow 2012 FO's #3&4 - a couple of go-together knits I do remember making.

'Hope to "see" you then! Thanks for dropping by!


Acorn to Oak said...

It's very pretty. It's looks lemony and soft! That's interesting that you don't remember knitting it. That must have been a fun surprise in your FO pile! :-)

Anonymous said...

I love the colour. Now I'm on a mission to find similar yarn...