Tweed Beret & Handwarmers FO's

Size 9.5
Yarn: 150-160 yds Jo Sharp Aran Tweed Remnants
Colour: 148 Gypsy (Discontinued)
Start: February 20 Finish: February 8, 2012
Modifications: None

Quick, fun, made with remnant yarn yielding a fabulous end product.

A basic tam with a felted appearance, well suited, I think, to this type of hat. (Good eye Brenda!) Yet felted its not. In fact, I think it outperforms Rowan Felted Tweed in looking felted without actually being so. It also feels flat, soft and, well, felted!
As gravity and I continue the ineveitable "argument" of aging its nice to wear things like this that infer a vertical lift rather than a downward droop. The dense quality of the fabric of this hat and understated size mean it doesn't offer a "slouchy" (aka "droopy) profile and the little i-cord doo-hickey on the top reinforces that idea of perky (aka youthful) verticality. Too adorable!

With the hat done yet more remnants to be used I worked a pair of matching hand warmers...
  • Gusset thumb - comfort and flexibility.
  • Eyelet & ribbed border followed by decreases flares the cuff to prevent itchy wrists.
  • Ribbing along the top edges means no gaping or rolling.
I wore these pieces a lot last spring and as the weather turns here this week, I can see more mileage coming up in the cooler weeks to come.

Tomorrow's post will feature a very unique Sweater FO! 'See you then I hope! Thanks for dropping by today!

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Brendaknits said...

Hee Hee. The colour suits you well. You make many good poitns about the downward-ness of the aging process.