Weekend Progress

 Well the long lingering hours of knitting I envisioned for the weekend were swallowed by gorgeous autumn weather. It demanded time in the garden over time with needles on the couch. I did carve out a few hours though...
That got me through one repeat of the two 16 row charts. The cabling is cleverly enhanced here and there with little surprises that keep you having to pay attention.

Like the neat little thing branching out on top of the thicker cable above. Its a k2tog but then, leaving both on the left needle, you knit the first stitch by itself before then slipping them both off.

Of course that first repeat is always the hardest. Before the pattern is established, I'm blindly following the chart, hoping for the best because there's nothing I can recognize that might allow a visible check of the work.  Trying each of the 18 different stitch treatments, looking back and forth between charts and legend, made each row take quite a while.

I also did the tubular cast on and twisted rib cuffs for the sleeves. Now they're both ready to start seed stitch patterning on one circular needle. As recommended by Ms. Zimmerman, , the sleeves can be my "whenever I've got a minute to knit" project. Working the more complicated fronts and backs will require some concentration and at least at the beginning, attention to the charts and their legend. So I need to keep from trying to knit them when I'm not sufficiently clearheaded to do so without errors. With all the twisted stitches I will not want to be ripping this back!

So since tonight the calendar is clear, you know what I plan to be doing! Thanks for dropping by!


Bibi said...

very wonderfull...beautifull!bravo!

Mary Keenan said...

I can't wait to see how this one comes out - love this pattern so much, but I know it'll be a year minimum before it moves up my queue.

Brendaknits said...

I love the colour you chose for this sweater. And that first blindly followed repeat is for sure the hardest. Once I can 'see' the pattern I can relax.