"Trying to Catch Up"

Yup, that's the subtitle of this little knit blog of mine...Trying to Catch Up, with these days, a particular emphasis on the "Trying"!

As time goes on and projects are attempted, learning ensues and generally progress is made.

To be honest though, I thought Beatnik would be an easy little blast back to cabling. Ahem. Not so much.

First, I've never cabled something with so much detail within the cables so I'm having trouble memorizing them, hence much more referencing back and forth from work to chart to legend then back to work.  So many chances to glance at the wrong bit of information and loose track of where I am. Concentration is paramount.

Secondly, the Remix yarn, with no wool content also has no stretch. The cable crosses, especially the longer and more complicated ones need to have perfect tension so as not to gape or, conversely, pucker,

Columns of stitches twisted both on knit and purl sides can quickly turn to impenetrable cords if worked too tightly while missing just one leaves a screaming hole that ultimately demands correction despite somehow having defied detection for at least a couple of rows.

Slow down. Concentrate. Work every stitch with visual, not just tactile care. This is not just a project for the hands but also very much for the eyes as well.

Things have been "trying" but I am "trying" not to let that get to me and instead focus on that ultimate goal of "trying" to catch up.

For now, at least, I'm feeling better that as of last evening I have once again caught up to where I was last Thursday before I ripped everything back to the ribbing!

A small victory but critical to see it as a victory nonetheless!

Thanks for dropping by!

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Needles said...

I have a friend who is a very fast efficient knitter. She seldom knits fast. She chooses to go slow and enjoy the process without any stress what so ever. She says what's the rush. Its knitting.

So, take her advice. Go slow. Breathe easy and enjoy getting there (though I admit, it helps when it goes right for a change)