Not Quite Enough

Having powered through the last few inches at the top of the skirt I got to about a row and a half from casting off when I hit the end of the third and final ball of yarn recommended in the pattern

Like a good little knitter I did buy an extra ball just in case but I refuse to break into it for a few yards. I'd rather return it to the shop and exchange it for something more interesting!

Instead I decided to utilize a bit of stashed yarn. It shows at the very top of the skirt. Even then I don't think its entirely objectionable!

It also allows me to add a turning row and then double the waist band sufficient to contain a piece of elastic.

Now I just have to try hard to do the waist band assembly justice and not just rush through it to get the next project. I know this is a classic point at which I might start to cut corners just to be done with it. Doing otherwise will be a tough assignment indeed - wish me luck with that - I'm going to need it!

Whatever the outcome though, be assured you'll be the first to know how it turns out!


Brendaknits said...

You are just too tall??
I can't believe you have that skirt finished in such a short time.Makes me feel as if I'm standing still.

Sel and Poivre said...

Its so funny to think you see it being done quickly. Last night at dinner I took a poll as to what everyone's impression was regarding how long I had been working on this. Number One Son suggested a couple of days while My Beloved felt like it had been over a month. My impression is its been weeks and weeks and weeks!

Mary Keenan said...

That is such a resourceful solution to the skirt shortage! I would have gone into the last ball and then agonized forever about what matchy thing to do with the remains. Your fix is so much more sensible :^)