Midnight Blocking

Well the skirt is done - 'got done last evening and then right away, into a bath. I wouldn't normally undertake blocking after the 11:00 news is over but once it soaked and was rolled to remove excess water it wasn't like there was a whole bunch of pinning out to do or anything!

In fact I decided not to pin it out at all. Instead any snugness can remain as a hedge against looseness/potential slippage the couple of lines of sewn in elastic don't handle.  If its too tight I can always just wet it again and pin it out for better fit.

This morning its still quite damp so no modeled shots until next week.

Post blocking, a most disturbing line of wonky stitches has become visible four inches or so from the skirt's bottom edge. Other than looking wonky there doesn't seem to be anything wrong with them and the back of the work looks entirely normal.  I won't spend too much time wondering about this though as there's obviously no fixing it now!

What a spectacular feeling to have a fresh FO and a weekend ahead of me without a million commitments and so the prospect of some time to dive into Beatnik with a clear conscience! I'm done the bottom ribbing and set up row for the cables so it'll just be sitting down to pure knitting fun!  
I hope you're looking forward to a great knitting weekend too! Thanks for dropping by today!

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Brendaknits said...

Now what would make those stitches so wonky? Hopefully gravity a, washings and wearings will even them out.