DKC Tonight...

...and not a moment too soon. I need to get among some enthusiastic and successful knitters ASAP and hope some of it rubs off on me.

"Hate" is such a strong word but I find it keeps coming to my mind again and again as I slog away on Beatnik. (Early, early this morning as I tried to squeeze out a bit of clear headed knitting time I found two miscrossed cables about 10 rows back in what I thought was yesterday's significant progress.)

I'm sure you can appreciate how that terrible word keeps running through my mind when this terrible project is in my hands. The Yarn. The Pattern. The way the two of them photograph together in the weak November light. Maybe even Knitting itself.

Yup. "Hate".

The only thing the project has still going for it is Monogamy and Persistence.  If I stray, for even a minute. I strongly fear all will be lost.

EZ says I must be the boss of my knitting yet things keep going off the rails. The knitting, pattern and yarn is bossing me around The only thing I can do is refuse to relent.

I'm sure some of you will be thinking I need to take a break from it and you're right. I will - sort of.

I'll take the seed stitch sleeves with me tonight.  I'll work on them during the meeting and on the subway en route to my pre-DKC meet up. I may even leave a wee bit early to head downtown and so maybe prolong feeling a bit of positive knitting energy.  I'll take a break from the cabling and hope error free progress on some aspect of this knit will jar me out of this funk.

"Hate" knitting? Yup. Today I think I do!

'Fingers crossed a good dose of DKC tonight will help.


Rue said...

Caught up! (that was my own personal yay moment for the morning)

Do you think Beatnik would be easier to work in a wool or wool-blend yarn? Like you, I love the pattern shot, but I'm hesitant to jump into that pattern knowing just how long it would take me to finish it now that I don't have much knitting time.

There was a similar looking sweater in Wool People earlier this fall that I might do instead. I'm not on my computer right now but I can send you the link later if you like.

Needles said...

Sleeves were made for knitting when the rest of the thing isn't working out.

I applaud your stick to it ways. I have a sweater from the spring that went into a corner for a night and never came out! A nice sweater died sad and lonely. Bravo for not letting it happen.