A Big Thank You!

What a great end to a knitter's otherwise lousy week with all your kind comments about my FO posts Thursday and Friday! I can't thank you enough or convey to you how encouraging they were in the wake of the despair I felt earlier in the week.

Thursday night I even went to the Yarn Harlot's Toronto book signing downtown - something I would not have done given the dim view of knitting I was harbouring that day in advance of reading your kind words about my shawl.

Then, while at the signing I briefly spoke to a couple of highly skilled knitters about my troubles. One gave great advice on how to avoid big messy loops at the sides of the cable crosses where the non-stretchy yarn yawns and gapes. The other just told me about how much she has learned through making and correcting great big errors.

Surprisingly, all of it contributed to helping me come home feeling ready and willing to dive back in. I did give the cabled sections of the back a rest for the weekend. I didn't have much time to knit anyway so I left the  challenging sections to the side and instead worked on the sleeves and on the tubular cast on/waist band for the front. It allowed me to accomplish more than if I'd been taking my time with cables which, in turn, encouraged me to keep on with things as well.

I'm thinking I might just keep working the pristine new side that's (hopefully) error free and that if I can execute it better than the back, I'll feel good about ripping the back out (again!) .

Without the kind words so many of you left here in the comments, I guarantee I would not feel there were any rosy prospects for Beatnik in this knitter's hands. So thank you for helping me to once again see the bright side of knitting and for dropping by today too!

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Brendaknits said...

If I encouraged you in any way - you are welcome.