Not Quite There Yet

 After pinning the two ends of the Mohair Scarf together with long stitch holders and wrapping up in the whole works I've decided this thing needs more length.
Draped across my back and over each arm its quite acceptable but in wrap mode it doesn't quite make it around far enough for both ends to stay put at the back. You can see just taking this picture, the left side dropped to the front.

I'm going to knit half a ball of yarn in onto each end. That should give me 6" more per side or 12" overall. Once that's done I'll try it again then and see how that works.

I must admit I'm kind of pleased to be able to stitch on this a bit more. It's lovely to work with something so soft and delicate. Its easy on the hands and wrists and this section of the pattern is self-correcting - you know as soon as you've done something wrong so only a modicum of attention is required.

This yarn, "Sublime", really lives up to its name. It has knit up into pure soft, pretty warmth and the absence of colour even adds to the impact of the other attributes. How nice to be able to justify working on it a bit more!


Sandra said...

I do love a "self correcting" pattern! This is looking lovely.

Stephanie said...

How nice - and dedicated! - that you tried it on to check whether it was the right length or not. I'm always forgetting to think of things like that. :)

LynS said...

This seems to be that wonderful combination in a knitted garment - elegance and comfort at the same time. My magic number for scarves and shawls is 185cm. Less than that and they never seem to stay in place as I wish them to.

Brendaknits said...

It's appearance is so delicate. I love the weightlessness yet warmth of mohair.