Another Benefit of Stash Busting

Right after I posted yesterday about the success I enjoyed Stash Busting over the summer, I went out and indulged in the corollary of that effort...Stash Building!

Technically speaking, if this yarn is going straight from the store to my knitting basket and needles will it ever qualify as "Stash" per se? Probably not but however its characterized its a garment's worth of new yarn - the first such stuff around here in many, many months and I felt great getting it because I don't currently have any yarn in sufficient quantity to make anything bigger than socks, mitts or a small shawl.

This is Diamond Yarn's Galway Worsted Highland Heather in the imaginatively named colourway "721". (the colour is showing quite true in this shot - at least on my monitor!)

Its a super rich brown with undertones of burgundy and little "hits" of red.

It's going to become my first knitted skirt! My "Friends" on Ravelry will know I queued the "Olive Heather Skirt" from Knitting 24/7 the other day and I can't wait to cast on. "Seems I 'm catching skirt fever from Tamaralda and Fiberperson!

I understand, to get the skirt to really fit, gauge is going to be critical so I'm determined to swatch before I get going.  I'm sticking one ball and a circular in my bag before I head out this morning just in case a I have a few minutes to work up a swatch.

Have a great day...thanks for dropping by!


Sandra said...

that's an amazing colour! Can't wait to see how the skirt turns out.

Rue said...

Oh, that is going to be stunning! What a great color!

Brendaknits said...

I've long had knitted skirts in my virtual queue too. I'm thinking of the Bulgarian Skirt