"Nouveau Gloves" by Glenna C. FO

Colour" "Grape"
Needles: 2.75mm dpn's
Start: April 24 Finish: July 20, 2011
Modifications: None

These were first off my needles after moving to the cottage in July. They're also the first gloves I've attempted so they took a while as I fiddled with the length of, and minimizing gaps between, fingers. (The shading in the yarn, combined with the patterned stitching helped hide my beginner technique on this!)

Glenna recommends working the twisted stitches without using a cable needle. As a follower of  her blog,  I know this is one of her frequent topics and she does a great job of describing how best to do it. While I can, I generally don't use this technique for cables but it really is a time saver when working the multiple twisted stitches called for in the pattern.

I used the recommended brand of Tanis Fiber Arts yarn but the variation in this colourway is all wrong for the pattern. The kind of bossy horizontal striping is quite at odds with the strong vertical lines of the twisted pattern which is just the thing I loved about the design in the first place.

Nonetheless I will get a lot of wear out of long purple gloves (These will step in for a leather pair I bought for dressy events that I seem to keep grabbing every time I walk out the door).

Number One Son says they look "reptilian" - from his perspective, a positive attribute in a pair of gloves, although not exactly the look I was going for!

But they feel great on my hands and without being too heavy I think they'll be a great accessory for autumn and spring seasons.

With these gloves starting my cottage FO pile the third week in July I was free to dive into my stashed Viola sock yarn next...FO post on that tomorrow!

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Lupie said...

First gloves! They are amazing. When I stop making baby stuff I must make a pair.

Julia in KW said...

Lovely gloves! Would you be able to overdye the gloves to reduce to stripey-ness, but keep the softness of the yummy yarn?

Sel and Poivre said...

Julia I never thought of overdying! I don't know anything about dying but I know someone who does...thank you so much for the suggestion!

Bibi said...

bravo!very beauyifull!

Sandra said...

gorgeous! I'm not sure I would do gloves - so fiddly, but the end result is just beautiful.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Rue said...

Those gloves are absolutely stunning! I have a few glove patterns in my revelry queue and yours make me want to go cast on for a pair right now.

Did you use magic loop for the fingers or DPNs?

Stephanie said...

Despite your reservations about the color, I love them. But then I love purple. And I love twisted stitches. So putting them together gets many thumbs up from me.