Its All About the Fingers

With glove number one knitted and number two about halfway up the medallion on the back of the hand, things are moving along nicely with the Nouveau Gloves.

Once the shawlette and slippers were done last week at the cottage I knit and re knit the Nouveau fingers. I wanted to get the hang of hole-free spaces between the fingers and having the length fit each of my fingers perfectly.

Talk about tedious! Around and around on three needles and a dozen or so stitches... try it on, with needles still attached, rip, rip, rip, around and around again...yawn!

But I made the effort because I figure gloves really are all about are the fingers right? (Otherwise they're mittens or  hand warmers but they're not gloves!) so I made a decent effort at getting them right. Not perfect but at least sufficient for a first try at glove knitting.

This week that effort seems more worth it though.  With one glove finished and coming very shortly up on that second set of fingers I'm hopeful everything will be easier and quicker the second time around. The approach I'm happiest with is to pick up twice the number of stitches stipulated in the pattern when joining on to the next finger then knit or purl those together in pairs on the next round to reduce the total to where it should be leaving a nice tight row of solid knitting free of unsightly gaps.

Next door to the thumb, however, things are not so gap-free. Those three consecutive holes at the edges of the thumb are stacked lifted purlwise increases. I've worked and reworked them too. I think I followed the instructions correctly so I've decided to just live with the holes. At least they're uniform and neat!

I can see the end in sight for this project! That WIP list is actually shrinking! What will I target to finish up next?


Lupie said...

I love this glove pattern and must check it out. You have done very well and they don't look like your first pair but a pros.
I enjoy making gloves and find the the finger joins I use depend on the pattern. The way you did it works with most patterns.

Lisa R-R said...

I have in mind to make gloves in the coming year(s), and I will try to remember to take your advice!
enjoy finishing those projects