Better Late Than Never

We opened up the cottage yesterday.

Its weeks overdue compared to our usual schedule but at least its done.

The boat is launched. Water is running.Grass around the cottaged was "whippered" into submission

Unlike when we arrived yesterday morning the kitchen is now stocked with the basic dry goods. This means all I have to add now is fresh food as we need it.

It was a perfect day for it with sunny blue skies and a breeze that kept the black flies at bay.

Hudson had a ton of fun - especially in the boat!

Our original plan had been to go Saturday but heavy rain, thunderstorms and high winds made that seem like a less than good idea. The weather also meant my Saturday gardening plans were shelved sooooo....

....knitting instead!

I got almost half way into the lace chart for my little Bermuda shawlette.

And then finished up the knitting on my Grown Up Booties.

Saturday night we even watched television! We're sporadic TV viewers at best but Darling Daughter, My Beloved and I have been enjoying following the latest(?) AMC series "The Killing" Sunday evenings at 10:00. Our weekend travels have had us miss the last couple of episodes ('typical and one of the main reasons we don't watch very often!) but after an early dinner and dropping Number One Son off at his Saturday "social engagement", Darling Daughter organized things so we could catch up. We watched two week's worth back to back Saturday and then the second Vancouver/Boston Hockey Game.

A lazy Saturday followed by a productive Sunday - a great weekend.

Mind you, some of "us" have been left feeling in need of some serious nap time just to catch up after all the "excitement"!

Thanks for dropping by!


Brendaknits said...

I was wondering about your cottage. Weather hasn't been very cottage-like so I hope it changes soon.

Sandra said...

too funny! We've traded cottage stories, and now I see you have the exact same outboard as we do - a white Johnson 70HP!
We've been up quite a bit, but not this past or next weekend - in town commitments. Can't wait to REALLY get up there...

LynS said...

This looks like a completely satisfying weekend. Not only the accomplishment of opening up the cottage, but a day at home, knitting, as well.

Michele said...

Saturday was a perfect day for tv and knitting, the weather was so awful wasn't it.

Anonymous said...

Lovely photos - leaves me wanting to go sailing! Hopefully I'll get to go before the end of the summer. And Hudson is adorable!

Lorraine said...

Hopefully it will be a nice summer. I always forget about the blackflies.