Our Latest Weekend Road Adventure

This past weekend we ventured west to the shores of Lake Huron to Goderich; known as "The Prettiest Town in Ontario". My Beloved's nephew and is wife both grew up and have recently bought their first house there.  We donated some furniture to them that we no longer use except to fill up the garage where technically a couple of cars are supposed to go.

My glove project was not well suited to knitting in the car (towing a trailer makes the vehicle ride a bit rough which makes me feel sick if I try to even glance at what I'm doing.) So I cast on one of my single skein projects - my second pair of "Grown Up Booties" by Ysolda.

The last pair I made using Manos yarn have worn through, been darned and have now worn through again so this time I thought I'd try using a tougher yarn.

Does it get any tougher than "Tuffy" by Briggs and Little?

I'm using two contrasting strands held together. I don't have as much of the red as I do of the grey so I'm planning on grey toes.

This stuff is also tough on the hands - especially when knit as tightly as I am working these. Nonetheless it was the perfect project to pick away at while watching the mist and rain shrouded landscape slip by the car window.

...Other passengers felt the time was actually better spent napping.

Now the town of Goderich, about 3 hour's drive with a trailer in tow, is laid out in a wheel-like formation with all the streets running out from a leafy central "Square".I took my camera so I could share sites from that lovely spot high on the cliffs above the lake, filled as it is with lovely old homes and nicely tended gardens. But photo references were not to be had.  It was literally raining so hard I couldn't even get a shot through the windows of the car. (Ditto as we drove through Stratford - another beautiful spot) Rolling down the windows was not an option either - I would have been soaked and camera along with me.  The lake was not to be seen at all because of the rain and the low hanging cloud.

But "Pretty" the town is. Next time we visit hopefully I'll have more luck with bringing back photographic proof of the fact.

Thanks for dropping by!


Brendaknits said...

Years ago when we were first married, we had a neighbour who seemed to know a lot about the history of Southern Ontario. He used to say that when the plan for Goderich and Guelph were sent back to England for approval the two were mixed up. The wheel lay out was really meant for Guelph where the 'wheel' wouldn't be interrupted by a lake. Goderich was meant to be a grid.

Mary Keenan said...

I've never been to Goderich and keep meaning to go - three hours' knitting time sounds like the perfect excuse!!

pendie said...

One of these days my Hubby and I will travel over that way through Canada. I live in Oregon and haven't been that far over yet. It sounds wonderful!

Sandra said...

Garages are supposed to be used for cars? Hmmm... I'll have to tell my husband that...
Goderich is beautiful, but then I think most small towns in southern Ontario are equally gorgeous...