Over the last ten years or so I've developed a penchant for purging.

It seems its a progressive thing. I started with getting rid of obvious junk, moved on to things that were never used through to now things that maybe I do like but don't necessarily love.

So it is with these little baby knits. Made a couple of decades ago for Darling Daughter from at-the-time-oh-so- chic Pingouin Patterns in breathtakingly acrylic Pinguoin yarn.

I was so thrilled to knit them for my own baby as I had been churning out Pinguoin knits for a couple of years as baby gifts before I got to making these for my own wee one.

They saw lots of wear and have many memories attached.. Darling Daughter has now, in the fullness of early adulthood, had a good chance to recognize her young mother's efforts on her behalf so I think its time to pass these on.

I never thought I would want to do such a thing but like I said its a progressive condition and I've already purged all the infant clothes and accessories I made for her during my pregnancy. Number One Son's hand knits were worn by other baby boys and never returned to me so these lingering little sweaters just feel ready to go too.

Besides I have to make room for "clothes" for our most recent addition...

Actually this dog wear is actually a device capable of creating knitting time;

Creamy White Poodle + Springtime Mud + Coat Clinging Burrs = Massive Time Suck of Dog Grooming 
 White Dog + Muttluks Rain Suit = More Time for Knitting!

I'm happy to report I'm down to the bottom of the heel flap, about to turn the corner on my long lingering sock project and head for home at the toe.  All this while I still have one more day until the anniversary of casting on for these and only a couple of years after buying the yarn! 'Talk about purging...I don't know what I'll be more excited about when these are finished, having them done, or having them finally purged from of my knitting basket!

Thanks for dropping by today!


Brenda said...

I am a purger extraordinare, myself. I think this stems from always living in smaller houses. Whereas I have friends that can bring out their wedding gowns, their kids baby garments and pictures/relics galore, my closets shine with minimalissm.

Aline said...

what a great dog garment!
I am constantly doing the triage of stuff too. Kids love to keep tons of useless crap. I have passed on most hand knit items I've made for my kids and now that I have a shop to display them in, I regret it a little but with time I will have others.

Rue said...

Hudson looks very dapper in his rain suit.

One benefit of moving every couple of years is that I get to do a big purge every time. It feels great! (The trick is convincing my DH to participate.)

Sandra said...

I've slowly been purging bits and pieces of the house, but it needs a solid push one of these days. And I still have quite the stash of Pingouin books! Love their patterns, but haven't made any recently - I should look again (and substitues wool, of course...)
And Hudson is looking pretty sleek - nice threads!

Acorn to Oak said...

I'm constantly going through things and getting rid of stuff around here too. It always feels so good! :-)

He looks adorable in his suit! I'll have to look for one of those. Our Airedale's fur is constantly picking up little twigs and things from the yard. That suit could be a very nice thing. The dog would be cleaner and so would our house! lol

Laurie said...

I'm pretty good at purging (live in a very small house), but there are a few things even Peter Walsh couldn't pry out of my hands. LOVE your beautiful dog in his stylin' sweater. :-)

Anonymous said...

I love to purge. (Unfortunately, I am married to a major pack rat. For my Mother's Day gift, I hired a professional organizer to come deal with HIS part of the home office!) Yesterday, I purged my daughter's room for 3 hours -- it felt great. I can totally relate to this post. And your dog looks so regal in that photo!

Paddy said...

I look out to a mud filled and rain soaked back yarn and down at two recently shorn but still furry dogs and then think to the dinner party tonight and long for these doggy rain suits. :/

Lorraine said...

I love a good purge.