Off in a New Direction

My "Use Up the Worsted" sweater project that started out bottom up with clown bright, narrow stripes morphed into a top down seamless with an ordered progression of colour....
Its still bright but within a more limited palette.
Its been like colouring with yarn...fun and portable too!
'Good thing because we've had a few road trips recently and they've been all the more pleasant with the addition of take along knitting - something I haven't had in months and months.
Last weekend we took Number One Son to the ski hill. Hudson "helped" a lot with the driving - when he wasn't catching up on his beauty rest between the centre seats...
A few weeks ago My Beloved fell on some late winter ice and cracked a couple of ribs which meant the cancellation of our family ski outings for the rest of the season - a big disappointment to our keen teenaged skiier.
So with a nice day in the foreceast we offered to drive up and very unusual, drop him off for a day in the terrain park with no chance of skiing for us. Instead we walked the dog and did a bit of exploring until the lifts  closed at the end of the day and we picked him up.
In the "village" at the bottom of the ski hill I couldn't resist snapping a shot of this...
...the outdoor pool - filled with bathing suited swimmers. Note the lifeguard on duty is wearing a long dowfilled coat - ah "springtime" in Canada! Here's a shot of the shore of Georgian Bay, a long stone's throw from the village. No one will be swimming in those sparkling waters for a while. Once that ice goes out that water will be quite "refreshing" for months yet!
This beautiful country north of Toronto is also the Land of Brenda - knitblogger extraordinaire. As we toured  the area I knew she was away helping defeat the government in Ottawa but still I felt as we walked around the small towns and took in the scenery like I was on one of those Tours of the Stars Homes in L.A. (albeit the Central Ontario Knitblogger edition- especially as I peeked in the window of the LYS in which I thought she worked -actually not the right shop - or even in the right town. No matter it was a nice day with My Beloved and our pooch.

I'm about to cast off the bottom hem on my colourful current project so expect an FO post the first of next week!  Have a great weekend and thanks for dropping by!


Anonymous said...

Welcome back!

I missed your reportage and now find that you've been knitting as well as dog 'rasseling'.

Your pics of the Great White North, even a few hours drive from the big TO, are, indeed, what we expect to see. Thanks for catching Winter yeilding to Spring.

Maybe I'll see you at the next DKC meeting?


Rue said...

Lovely (both the re-worked sweater and the scenery)! I love the color changes in the garter stitch yoke.

And I still can't quite wrap my head around the idea of an outdoor pool that's usable in the winter. I'll bet it's a real treat.

Lorraine said...

Is that Collingwood? Gosh, I hope that pool was heated!

Honey the Great Dane said...

Those pictures are beautiful!

Just wanted to say thank you so much for your latest comment about Muesli's training - and training Sit in general - I so agree with you! You and I think so alike. I also think that training not only makes our pets a greater pleasure to be with but it also helps THEM communicate with us. Honey behaves just like Hudson - she also uses her 'Sit' to tell us she really wants something - she can really "Sit Pretty" when she wants, sometimes - and will also look at the thing she wants - or come round to face us, like you said Hudson does! How funny! :-)