Loooong Looooong Weekend - The End

As I mentioned yesterday, I set aside Easter Monday for knitting. I had a few things knitting related that I needed to sort out.

In preparation for Frolicking, I needed to work up a list of things to look for in the marketplace. I'll be there when the doors open and I want to be able to scoot around and check out everything quickly before the crowds close in and racing back and forth makes drawing comparisons too difficult.

I'm taking an all day class at the Frolic on Sunday - and so needed to select two contrasting colours of worsted for the Mitten Class and get the appropriate needles organized as well.

Also on my list was getting FO shots of the Merino Lace socks I finished last Thursday so the FO post can go up. It's usually possible for me to take the necessary pics myself but the heels are my favourite part and I  can't get the photo I want without some help.

Finally I needed to get a "craft" organized to take to an informal crafting gathering I was invited to Monday evening. What are the chances such an invitation would come when my knitting basket is empty for the first time in three years? I wanted something I could work on but something that would measure up to the other crafts in the room - crafts I suspected would be substantial. In the end I took along Glenna C.'s "Nouveau Gloves"with the recommended yarn (Tanis Fiber Arts DK). I figured once I worked a few rows I'd be familiar enough to keep going once I was in crafty company. I was wrong. I knit one round plus 4 stitches in 2 hours. I have such a problem not talking. Oh and my craft didn't hold a candle to the rest of the fibery demnstrations arrayed around the table either!

Anyway the whole thing has me resolved to work really hard and silently in class on Sunday, to "keep my lip buttoned" (as my mother would say) so I can get as much out of the class as I can. We'll see how that goes!

Wish me luck! 

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Brenda said...

Nouveau Gloves fell short? What were the other crafters doing?