Frolic 2011 Did and Didn't

'Did line up to get in but in the best, warmest sunshine I've felt all year - a fabulous way to start the day.

'Did see Brenda at the Cabin Fever Booth with Deb Gemmell.

'Did get a signed copy of Brenda's Cabin Fever Book on Socks.

'Did get told by this most adorable and charming 7 year old spinner ever that it is hard for grown ups to learn new things and so it would have been better if I had learned to spin when I was 5 - like she was when she learned but that if I really wanted to learn I could try.

Did get told that spinning can make your feet very very hot.

'Did rave over the Viola Booth as the best, most fitting display of any retailer I've ever seen at a Frolic. Viola yarns are, in my opinion, the most sophisticated and subtle local hand dyed yarns and the booth utterly supported that impression.
(Yes that is essentially a line up to get into the booth!)

Did treat myself to a skein of that very yarn in the "Graphite" colourway.

Did have a fabulous conversation with Veronique Avery asking her opinion on various things related to patterns of hers that I'm keen to try. What kind of a great opportunity is that? I love the Frolic!

Didn't manage to find Curlerchick Sandra - not in the loooong line to get in or over the 4+ hours I wandered the show.

Did buy some St. Denis yarn to make these sweet little gloves. (Yarn and pattern both by Veronique Avery) 

Didn't speak to Glenna C. any of the 5 or 6 times I crossed her path.(this makes 3 Frolics I've done this but she is very popular and always surrounded by many others - especially in the Tanis booth where the local bloggers were too numerous to believe.)

Did see Tanis wearing her Whispy Cardigan and confirmed this is not a knit that would suit my larger frame the utterly charming  and  appropriately Whispy way it looks on her. I love crossing things off the "possibility" list - it naturally opens up more opportunities to consider other things!

As I said, I also love the Frolic. Its funny to think that as I type this, the show is probably already pretty much packed up. Tomorrow morning when I head back to the Japanese Cultural Centre for my all day class on Traandsstickning Mittens I'll walk back into the same hall that was buzzing with knitters and yarn when I left there mid afternoon today and it will be utterly empty, still and quiet. That is until I get upstairs to where all the happy chatty knitters are preparing for their classes! 


Lorraine said...

I was there with a couple of friends, and I agree about the Viola yarn. The booth was lovely.

Brenda said...

WOW! An attendee sure sees more than a 'boother'. I missed Glenna & Veronique Avery but did see Curlerchic and the same little spinner that you met. Curlerchic came to the booth and stuck a flip flopped foot in the air. I knew her immediately.

Sandra said...

I was in that line - right near the front. we were probably 20th in line to get in. Dang it! We need to plan this better!

Acorn to Oak said...

Sounds like a great weekend! How fun to see other bloggers too! That little girl/spinner is adorable and looks like she really knows what she's doing!

Rue said...

What fun! I really wish Chicago had a fiber event like this.

And learning to spin at five? I have a feeling chez Tinks and Frogs may end up being a two-wheel household.

That Viola yarn is gorgeous! Hmm, I wonder if they have a website . . .

Stephanie said...

Ha! That kid is so right. I taught myself most of what I know about knitting when I was perhaps 7 or 8, and now I don't think I have the patience to learn something completely new like that.