What's that I "see" in my tea cup?

You might only see a tea ball steeping some lovely organic green and Moroccan mint tea but every afternoon this tea gives me visions like this...

I purchased this loose tea on the upper east side of Manhattan when Darling Daughter and I visited there last autumn. (Its become a little habit of mine to buy tea when I''m away because when I enjoy it back at home each cup makes me relive a little of the magic of the place I visited.)

While there is nothing negative to be said about this delicious tea or the majority of that wee vacation, the knitterly aspects of the trip were sadly lacking.

First of all our flights were quick and right on time, our taxis were readily available traffic was light!? Our days and evenings were so full I didn't knit a stitch in 5 days.

Secondly, the Lion Brand Flagship store is closed on Saturdays and is only open in the morning on Fridays. This meant we couldn't work a trip there into our busy schedule.

We did make it to Purl in Soho on our first afternoon. I was looking very much forward to seeing their new combined knitting and quilting storefront and picking up a yarn treat (or two or three) while I was there. I was resolved that one of those treats would be a sweater's worth of Brooklyn Tweed's new yarn "Shelter".

The store is sweet but the contents of its yarn inventory was utterly sparse! I don't think they had as much yarn on display as any one LYS does here in Toronto and none of it was the type that I couldn't buy here at home. Then to add insult to injury I found the "Shelter" selection was about 11 skeins of yarn in a few drab colourways.

Good thing there was an entire fabulous city there to be explored and enjoyed with my entirely fabulous daughter to take my mind off it!

Today I'm stiff all over with a few particularly sore spots from my sidewalk face plant Monday night so I think right now I'll enjoy the rest of this"Memories of New York" tea and knit a few rows on My Beloved's vest. My wrist is still sore but the movement involved in knitting is somehow quite pain free!

P.S.  To curlerchick Sandra's comment on my Valentine's post, my shiner has creeped out my Beloved to the point where I've been given a pass on the business function we were to attend together tomorrow night! It must be a "guy" thing! 


Anonymous said...

What lovely pictures you got! And that sounds like good tea, too.

LynS said...

I love these 'Proust moments' - when a taste, a scent, or a random object discovered in a cupboard bring floods of associated memories. Glad to hear you're recovering from your fall and that it hasn't totally prevented your knitting.

Rue said...

I love that tea idea! It sounds like a safer alternative to my "souvenir yarn" approach.

Brenda said...

Oh dear. I must be in sad need of some very strong, mid-winter, comic relief. I can't, in this family-friendly blog, tell you what your first photo made me think of.

Honey the Great Dane said...

Mmm...that tea looks delicious! And what wonderful pictures - I feel like I went on a trip to NYC with you! :-)