Hats Off to the DKC Board of Directors!

Last night was the monthly DKC Meeting.  There were draws for great door prizes, inspiring "show and tell", two great and engaging speakers sharing knitting tips and tricks and news about new yarns.  The room was full of happy knitters clicking away...what more could a knitter ask for?

Well there was more! There was an invitation to contribute ideas and energy to making the DKC as useful, inclusive, enjoyable and relevant as possible.

I've been involved in numerous community based groups since way back when I was still a brunette! Almost all of these really needed to step up and undertake the kinds of initiatives the DKC President spoke of last night.. I can't remember a single one that unless by government directive to do so or because continued funding or facilities hung in the balance, ever did. In fact even the ones that were "forced" into updating and changing things for the better generally did so kicking and screaming all the way. Change. Is. Hard.

That's why I was so impressed and encouraged by the invitation we heard last night to get engaged with the business of the DKC...to make sure it is everything knitters want it to be and to make sure all knitters feel welcome. (This was also balanced by the assurance that those who just want to keep showing up to enjoy DKC meetings, workshops etc. are more than welcome to just keep right on doing that alone.)

I'm going to put on my thinking cap and share any little gems I come up with.

If you are from the Greater Toronto Area...what do you think about the DKC? Is it relevant to you? If you aren't a member and don't attend...is it because there is something lacking? What would make it better? What do you think?


Anonymous said...

That sounds really great! Organizations are a lot like people in their desire to avoid change. But some individuals and consequently the organizations they lead can rise above that. Congratulations to them. BTW, what does DKC stand for?

Lorraine said...

I used to be a member of the DKC, and it's good that they are welcoming some changes.

Enough said, I think.