For My Beloved

Its been a while since I made anything for my "boyfriend". Time to fix that.

I bought this yarn at the DKC Knitter's Frolic last spring in my annual visit to the Sheldridge Farm booth.

Its double knitting weight and its on its way to becoming a wardrobe staple - a basic, tailored v-neck vest.

Its a simple enough premise (no shaping) so I'm just making it up.

I used a long tail tubular cast on (no contrasting yarn required!). As recommended I worked it on a needle 2 sizes smaller than the one I used for the 1x1 ribbing to avoid getting a sloppy edge. Mission accomplished with help from this You Tube tutorial by Ysolda!

The ribbing is 2" deep and now its just row after row of rhythmic stockinette. So lovely after knitting madly in small circles for the past month!

So lovely too to work on something fresh that hasn't been languishing in the knitting basket or knitting brain since what seems the dawn of time!

(We must not speak of the Lace Saddle Tee...virtual moments from completion...I don't want to spoil the fun of the vest and My Beloved's satisfaction in having something on the needles just for him!)

Thanks for dropping by today. Have a great weekend!


Lorraine said...

Shelridge Farms does have some lovely yarns- you'll enjoy making the vest- and he'll love wearing it.

Anne Campbell said...

Lovely color! Soothing blue in stockinette must really be good relaxing knitting. I must make my husband a sweater sometime! Alas, he won't wear vests at all.

Aline said...

Hey! we are both knitting for our guy...
I received my first Spring/summer yarn shipment today though...

I was nearly having panic attacks I wanted to cast on from the oodles of new stock...must finish that guy jersey first and asap!!