Emma's Mittens by Mihn Hoang FO

Pattern: Emma's Mittens (Rav Link)
Designer: Mihn Hoang
Source: Free Pattern on Ravelry
Yarn: Lion Brand Fisherman's Wool
Colour: Nature's Brown Lot:#090401
Needles: 3.75mm and 4mm dpn's
Start: January 17, Finished: January 29, 2011

As I mentioned in yesterday's post, the mittens I made Darling Daughter in the weeks immediately preceding casting on for these turned out to be a bit too drafty for winter around here but there is no such problem with these!

(As a bit of background, including the mittens I posted yesterday these are my 5th attempt at getting something that fits and keeps my girl's hands warm in a style she favours so the phrase "...no problem with these" are truly thrilling to finally be able to write!?

I learned my lesson from yesterday's FO and used 4mm needles for yarn that calls for 5.5mm but knit the pattern as written to yield a more dense result that DD tells me effectively locks out the wind.

The seed stitch palms and thumbs are cozier than stocking stitch palms in the just-finished pair.

The cuffs are long on these mitts - not as long as the Patterned Mittens but those are particularly generous...to give you an idea the fingertips of the mitts are lined up in the this shot...

The bobbles and cables on the backs of the hands are warm and, in this rich brown, are very handsome.

I added the accent rows of blue around the cast on edge at the cuff to add a bit of playfulness and keep them from being too serious.

Boy did the texture ever pop after I tweaked the features post SOAKing...
The bobbles really sank down into the fabric. They needed to be pinched and twisted to bring them to attention.

The generosity of knitters who make free patterns available is amazing. In this instance all the details were carefully considered - like having the main centre cable grow neatly out of the ribbing and then twist in opposite directions for each hand. I can't thank Mihn Hoang enough for facilitating my efforts to finally get Darling Daughter's hands warm and fashionable!

And of course thank YOU for dropping by today!

Tomorrow....how about another FO! (Nothing too exciting - its only socks - still it's evidence of more knitting progress around here!)


Siga said...

Oh, I'm in love with these ones as well!

Anne Campbell said...

Those look so nice and warm - and pretty, too. Congratulations on getting a winner!

LaurieM said...

wow! You're back in the full swing of things! Those are very lovely mittens. Great job.

Anonymous said...

So nice! I've seriously considered making these for myself... I want to know more about the blocking workshop. :)

I was hoodwinked by a string of 4 or 5 lovely days here into not making more mittens this winter...now it's quite cold again and my hands are cold. Poopies!

Tina said...

They look gorgous (both pairs actually) and warm!
Tina in Germany