Daring to Dream

As I fly along the stockinette rows of the vest for My Beloved I'm getting close enough to cleaning up the WIP's around here. Soon I'll feel free to cast on for something new and novel.

Moving projects out of the knitting basket also compels me to treat my wee little stash the same way.

The 13 colour cardigan from autumn 2009 and the multicoloured Bon Bon Pullover have left a significant legacy of part balls of worsted in my possession that now I feel keen to clear out.

The just completed mittens helped with this.

A while ago I also amassed a little pile to dedicate to a linen stitch scarf like this.

Then late last week I saw a many coloured striped pullover in the window at Passionknit... a tunic length yoke style sweater knit in the round with bottom edges rolling and even the semi cowl-like collar turning over at the top to show off its "wrong sidedness" as a design feature. Perfect!

It was knit on a generous needle for the yarn. I'm sure this gives the piece with its extra long length the necessary drape to cope with bending at the waist.

I noted the colours were arranged alternating dark and bright two row stripes so that's what I've been toying with as the navy blue knitting and purling continues along.

And I'm keenly following along with blogger and Sel and Poivre Commenter Siga. She is posting about selecting a new LYS for herself in Zurich. The store fronts of these shops are gorgeous and her musings on just what might make her ideal LYS are interesting questions to consider.

I got a whole bunch of inspiration from visiting my LYS the other day...the thoughts about a striped sweater of my own being certain testament to that!

I hope you're having an inspired knitting day today - thanks for dropping by!


Anne Campbell said...

Oh, I like the sound of that tunic! Hope you go that way so I can see what you do with it.

Brenda said...

One of the knitters in the sweater KAL group I am leading at the store is knitting exactly that. Tunic style, yoke top, rolled edge, looser than normal gauge. I'll have to tell her she's a fashion leader.

Lorraine said...

Colorwork is always exciting. Part of the fun is the planning.

elizabeth said...

You've been busy! I love all your projects, especially the mittens (both pair)!

Since my self-imposed yarn diet, I've not visited my LYS. Ravelry and blogs keep me plenty inspired!