Women of Note

'Just in from the latest shopping frenzy and I'm struck by some inspiring women I've seen in my retail travels...

  • The older ladies who have doubtless been making holiday dinners for many decades, pushing their carts about in search of the ingredients for long ago memorized recipes for family favourites.
  • The ladies in the big box book store explaining to sales people either how exceptional their grandchildren are or conversely how they did wish kids today would read more....while their husbands sit and read.
  • The woman who calmed her near hysterical husband in his quest for a parking spot as I was about to vacate mine by jumping out, asking if I was leaving and then offering to return my cart so he could park that much more quickly.
Finally and most impressive - the women who Christmas shop while parenting a toddler and wearing a baby.

May hat goes off to all of you ladies!


Lisa R-R said...

Best wishes for an even somewhat calm holiday to you and your family!

Lupie said...

I have not only met all those women but at times been one of them!
Have a great new year.

Lorraine said...

Which is why I avoid shopping in December like the plague.

Hope you had a nice Christmas.

Brenda said...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you, Marie. Been there done that was per all your special ladies. Luckily not all in the same year. LOL