Summer Highlight

One of the knit blogs I follow and most enjoy is Shades of Grey. Knitblogger Lyn is one of my Ravelry "neighbours" as we have several projects in common. We also share a similar hair cut and colour but Lyn lives in sunny Australia while I shiver away here in Canada.

Its fun to note when checking my blog roll before going to bed that Lyn's pre-workday post has just gone up as she is already into the morning of the next day. Its also motivating to follow along as Lyn and a few other Aussi bloggers get back into autumn-induced knitting enthusiasm as I come into the summer knitting doldrums here in the northern hemisphere.

In the year or so I've been following Lyn she has of course shown many lovely knitting projects both in progress and finished. She has also posted a wonderful travelogue from her trip to France and documented her moving house complete with details of renovating her new apartment.  As part of the renovation project she had a little contest asking readers to contribute storage and organization ideas. After putting in my two cent's worth she sent me an email telling me I would be receiving something for my participation.

Then sometime mid summer I received this!...
All the way from Australia - a lovely lavender cake of fingering weight Australian wool! With the yarn was a lovely note written in a graceful hand on creamy, heavy hand made paper. It was of course from Lyn!

I can't tell you what a thrill it was to receive that package. In our little cabin in the Canadian woods in the midst of my knitting drought I was suddenly holding an unexpected knitting treasure from the other side of the world! It was just a delightful treat. I set that lavender cake on a shelf in the kitchen for a while then moved it to a book shelf in the living room for the next couple of weeks so I could look at it and of course give it the occasional pat as I walked by.
As for what I'll do with it, I'm leaning towards mittens...something with some lacy detail at the cuff. I like the idea of that lavender to wear in early spring!

Many thanks to Lyn for giving my knit-less summer its only knitting highlight and many thanks to you for dropping by today!


Anonymous said...

oooh, that looks luscious!

elizabeth said...

That's lovely! I'll have to check out her blog (I love all things French!).

Stephanie said...

It's beautiful! Something with a lacy detail sounds right for that yarn. Glad you had A knitting highlight this summer!

Rue said...

Lovely yarn! It would be gorgeous in one of the lacey wrist warmers that Anne Hanson designs. Was there an orchid pattern a while back or am I just imagining things?

LynS said...

I'm so pleased you liked the yarn. I bought it direct from the producer at the Bendigo Sheep and Wool Show in July. I'm sure whatever you choose to make with it will be lovely.

I agree with you that one of the pleasures of blogging is to have readers on the other side of the world and to discover how their yearly and daily routines are all turned upside down by viewing them from the opposite angle.

Aline said...

I really love the far away 'friends' of blog land too!
Your new yarn is precious. Have fun with it!