Loose Ends All Rolled Up

I won't be teaching a little class of new knitters this term. I had hoped the children enrolled last spring would come back to finish the projects we had yet to begin when we ran out of time (my fault, I overestimated how much time they might devote to knitting between classes).

Since they had all paid a materials fee the leftover worsted wool yarn belongs to them so I promised that if a class didn't happen I would distribute the remainder of it evenly between them.

So with the help of my little digital scale I divided it all up.

I love hand rolling yarn.  'Seems as long as the stuff is sliding through my hands I'm having a good time (unless its because I'm frogging that is!) To tell the truth, I'm a bit relieved at the cancellation of the class.  The money was very good but now with the dog to deal with I'll welcome  the bit of extra time I didn't think I'd have - it takes a lot to keep up with him!
Thanks for dropping by!


Anonymous said...

love that dog photo!!!

Rue said...

Enjoy your extra time while you have it! I'm sure your furry companion won't mind at all.